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Produced and engineered by James "Jimbo" Barton * "For the Love of Strange Medicine" and "Donna Please" produced by James "Jimbo" Barton and Steve Perry; Engineered by James "Jimbo" Barton * "Missing You" produced by Steve Perry and Tim Miner; Engineered by Tim Kimsay/frank Slazar *  "Anyway" produced by Steve Perry and Tim Miner; Engineered by Craig Burbidge * Recorded at: Ocean Way, Hollywood, CA; One on One, N. Hollywood, CA; Record Plant, Hollywood, CA; The Enterprise, Burbank, CA; American Studios, Woodland Hills, CA; Kinghtlight Studios, Dallas, Tx * Second Engineers: Devin Foutz, many Marroquin, Kyle Ross, Ulrich Wilde, Rail Rogut, Bill Cooper * Assistant to the Producer: Phil Brown * All songs mixed by Craig Burbidge at Aire L.A. Studios, Glendale, CA; Except "You Better Wait" , "Young Hearts Forever", and "Donna Please" mixed by Niko Bolas at Hit factory, New York, NY * Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering * Digital Editing: Brian Lee * A & R Direction: Randy Jackson * Product Management: Diarmuid Quinn * Art Direction: dave Coleman * Photos: Reisig & Taylor * Management: Third Rail Entertainment - Bob Cavallo/Scott Welch * Special Thanks to the following for their inspiration and support: Don Ienner and all my friends at Sony; Paul; Moyes; Lincoln; Bob Cavallo and Lisa Cavallo; Cindi Peltier; Gladys Knight; Paul Rappaport; Burt Baumgartner; Niko Bolas hiding in NY; Linguini; John Kalodner; Mike Porcaro; Paul "Jamo" Jamieson; Larry Kimpel; Philip Lynott; Larry Londin; Jeff Porcaro; Joel Ewing: T.T.D; Tito; Cono; Deb and Snuf; Michael Dilbeck; Jennifer and Jason Dawn; Sham and her Mama; Robin & Royce; Mama Vai; All the morning gatherings - you know who and what you are; Howard Pohlenz; Evan-Davis; Bobbi Stevens; John Weakland; Tom Brown and Everyone at Enterprise; Ed and Troy and all the Hit Factory Staff - NY * Everyone at Gateway Mastering * Special thanks to Silky * Alex A.K.A. "Fresh" * Lee Phillips * Marla * Bonnie * Judy Castano * Jody Graham-Dunitz * Randy Goodrum * Clif Magness * Terry and Michael Lippman * Everyone at SST LB 5 * Carlo and Maria * Tim, Lora & Cyndy at Fan Asylum * Perry Oretzky/Marian/Barbara * Jack Kelly at Focusrite * Bob Caputo at Samson Tech * Bob, Bear and all the 3-E staff * All my relatives * Ronnie and Nick for always being there * Scott and Derrick at Pearl Mike and Ann Marie at Zildijian * Kelly at Vic Firth * Chris Brady (You're the best) * Hank Wiley * Larry, Virginia and Neena Horowitz * Joseph Minkes * Lisa Hansen * Stan Cotey * Len, Tammie and Clay from Peavey Electronics * Special Thanks to Kip, Reb, Rod * Matt Bruck * Joey Brasler * Bob Bradshaw * Pat Osborne, Dudley, Guy, Sterling Ball/Ernie Ball/Music Man Robert Knight * Terry & Ev Bozzio * Alex Hodges * Paul & Bonnie at PRS Guitars * Rack Systems LTD * Steve Blucher at Dimarzio * TJ at Taylor Guitars * Laura & K.C. at Korg/Marshall * Brian & Phyliss for the Reservations * Kathy Prof. * Cheryl Brewster * Barefoot Software * Daniel Brewster * Tristan * Stephanie Laura & Family * Dave Weiderman * Seymour Duncan * To Erik & Friends @ Gelb Music * Gary & Alex C. * Barbara Cane * The Sullies * Last But Not Least, Sam Cooke * P.S. Dear Mom, I Continue My Promise.. * For Information on Steve Perry, Please Send A Legal Sized, Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope or International Coupon (for inquiries outside the U.S.) To: Steve Perry Info Service P.O. Box 884988 San Francisco, CA 94188 * Japan: Steve Perry Info Service C/O Fan Asylum 407-132, Primera Dogenzaka 1-15-3 Dogenzaka Shibuya KU Tokyo 150 * Europe: Steve Perry Info Service P.O. Box 1443 Poole, Dorset BH15 3YP Great Britian.**

**NOTE: These are no longer active addresses and are not a means of contacting Steve Perry.