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May 27, 2014:
Steve Perry performed publicly on Sunday, May 25 for the first time since the ’90s in an unusual setting when he made a surprise appearance at a concert by alternative rock band Eels during their show at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, MN.

Together, Steve and Eels delivered faithful renditions of Journey’s hits ‘Open Arms,’ and ‘Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’, the latter of which prompted a hearty sing-along from those in attendance. Whether they appreciated that they were witnessing a historic event of sorts or not, the audience ate up every moment of Steve’s appearance on stage.
...In Washington, DC

June 1, 2014:
For the second time in a week, Steve Perry joined Eels onstage. This time it was at Washington, D.C.’s historic Lincoln Theatre, with Steve now sitting in on four songs. The video is below.

In this latest performance, Steve is rather chatty with the crowd, introducing Eels’ track ‘It’s a Motherf—er’ by solemnly stating, “There is a song that really spoke to me. It is a song about profound loss. I recently lost someone who is the love of my life and I revisited that song. It meant even more to me.”
The overall atmosphere lightens from there, however. Perry shared with those gathered how the perhaps unlikely collaboration between himself and Eels came to fruition:

“For years we have been friends,” Perry says, motioning to Eels leader E. “And for years, we have played croquet, we have gone to dinners, we hang out. ‘Why don’t you come out sometime and sing?’ I haven’t done it in a long time…I want to thank the Eels for getting my ass out and singing with them.”

He then covered Sam Cooke’s ‘Only Sixteen’ before moving on to the same two Journey classics as last week, ‘Open Arms’ and ‘Lovin,’ Touchin,’ Squeezin’.’
Joining Alternative Band Eeels Onstage in Minneapolis, MN
CBS News-May 29, 2014
The Eels on Steve Perry: We didn't know if he would show

Wall Street Journal (blog)-by John Jurgensen-May 28, 2014
The Story Behind Steve Perry's Return to Stage

Fox News-May 28, 2014
Steve Perry wows crowd after 19 year absence from stage

Radio.com News-May 27, 2014
Watch Steve Perry Hit The Stage For The First Time in 20 Years

Blog-Edmonton Journal (blog)-May 27, 2014
Steve Perry hits the stage for first time in 19 years (with video)

ABC News - May 27, 2014
Ex-Journey Frontman Steve Perry Back on Stage...
RollingStone.com-May 29, 2014
Steve Perry 'Showed Up Unannounced to Rehearsals,' Eels Vocalist ...

Highly Cited-Billboard-May 29, 2014
How Eels Got Steve Perry to Sing Live Again: 'It Was Such a ...

In-Depth-SFGate-May 28, 2014
Eels on Perry: We didn't know if he would show

Hollywood Reporter - May 27, 2014
Steve Perry Performs For the First Time Since 1995 in Surprise Appearance ... 

People Magazine - May 27, 2014
Ex-Journey Frontman Steve Perry Sings Live for the First Time in Over 20 Years ... 

...The Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles.
June 11, 2014:
"The interesting thing about this guy is he walked away from it all 20 years ago," observed Eels leader Mark Oliver "E" Everett, addressing the crowd from the stage. "And then in Minneapolis, he came back to sing with us. Then he walked away again, and six days later, in Washington, D.C., he came back again. And then he walked away again. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time anywhere in 12 days — and the first time in L.A. in 20 years — please welcome Steve Perry!"

"It's been so goddamn long," said Perry to the audience. "I gotta thank the Eels for inviting me out here — the best band that any singer could want. I met E because of a friend of mine, Patty [Jenkins, director of Monster]. She burnt me a CD of Daisies of the Galaxy, and I told Patty, 'Someday I want to sing that song.' " Then Perry and Eels performed the band's tune "It's a Motherf—er."
Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants
2014 NLCS Champions
2014 NLDS Champions
NLCS Game 5
October 7, 2014:
From Unlimited Classic Rock.
Whatever’s keeping Steve Perry from buckling down in the studio and finishing a new solo album doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon, but fans of the former Journey singer can at least take heart knowing that eventually, we’ll be able to cobble together a live record out of his surprise appearances at public events.

Perry, a huge baseball fan and avowed supporter of his hometown San Francisco Giants, has made a habit in recent years of showing up at the team’s games and leading the crowd during runs through the evergreen Journey hit ‘Don’t Stop Believin” — and he did it again on Oct. 6, surfacing in the stands during the 7th-inning stretch.
Continue reading ...here!
The Ultimate Lead Singer & 40,000 Member Chorus, Bring Home "Lights"...!
NLCS Game 4
October 15, 2014:
Steve Perry continues to help fire up San Francisco Giants fans during his hometown team's 2014 playoff run. 

Last week, during a home game against the Washington Nationals, the golden-voiced singer led the crowd in a sing-along of his old band's classic anthem "Don't Stop Believin'" from the stands at San Francisco's AT&T Park, and was at it again this week as the Giants try to move past the St. Louis Cardinals to get to the World Series.

On Tuesday, Perry was seen belting out the song as the Giants were on route to a 5-4 victory to take a two-games-to-one lead in the National League Championship Series.  Then, last night, Steve appeared again in the stands, this time singing along with the crowd as "Lights," Journey's ode to the Bay City, played over the PA system.  The Giants went on to beat the Cardinals again, 6-to-4, and now need just one more win to punch their ticket to the World Series, where they would face off against this year's American League champs, the Kansas City Royals.
Steve Leads SanFran Giants & Fans in Post-Season of Luv!
Giants' Good Luck Charm Gets it Done! DSB.
NLDS Game 3
NLDS Game 4
Steve leads 43,000 through a DSB 7th Inning Stretch!
Steve fires up the crowd with YES! YES! YES!
...before PLAYBALL!!
November 14, 2013:
Have you ever wanted to hang out with Steve Perry and have a chat over a cup of coffee? Now is your chance to do just that AND contribute to important cancer care and research.

Steve Perry is donating his time and several autographed items for auctions to benefit City of Hope, one of the countries best cancer hospitals.

December 8, 2013:
Rock icon Steve Perry generously donated an opportunity to have coffee with him and personalized, signed guitars in auctions to benefit City of Hope.

In total, Steve raised more than $127,000 for the meet & greet opportunity and autographed guitars!

January 22, 2014:
Well a big Hello to everyone. Yes it's that time again and this year it's the big 55. 
{ ha }
Kinda not feeling too up about my birthday but I just was told about some very kind and loving posts that really are helping me, thank you!
One coffee birthday morning, I was telling Kellie that my body was aching and this getting old thing is getting ruff. 
She looked at me and smiled and said, "Honey … I would Love to get Old."
Well that kinda puts it in perspective. 

A drummer friend of mine, Steve Ferrone, was going to be inducted into the Guitar Center Walk of Fame, and he had told me that Hamish Stuart {one of my favorite lead voices of all time who was in The Average White Band} was going to fly here from Scotland and that I should come down to rehearsal and meet him. Well I was not going to miss that. Then he said that Questlove was not only going to be playing drums too, he was going to do the induction. Holy S*#T I thought……… So I went to rehearsals and in the middle of a run though Steve stopped the band cause he was not happy with the Background vocals of "Person To Person."
I knew what part they were missing but kept my mouth shut………. 
Well…….. At least for a bit. 
Then after they ran though all the tunes……. Questlove showed up and in the middle of the next run through of "Person To Person," I had a musical Tourettes moment and jumped up to a mike and sang the part I felt was missing. 
They all turned around and said…... AHHHH HAAHH!!
At the end of the song Steve Ferrone said in his heavy English accent, "Dats Zit, Your In Dha Band, You've passed the au-di-tion." 
Then they gave me 2 more tunes to sing BGz and play cowbell on. 
Walking out on that stage was a great thrill ……. I loved it so very much…… 
There was soooo much feel and pocket between Steve and Questlove and the band. 
Just about as much feel and pocket that one Portagee boy could ever feel at one time……. SOOOOO GOOD.

Thanks again for all my birthday well wishes and the Love that you all have sent my way……"You are the Faithful Ones"

Thank You.
Steve Perry

Thanks, June...You’re the best!
January 22, 2013:
I’d like to thank everyone for their well wishes for my birthday. There is so much I’d like to share with you, but that will have to happen at another time.

My birthday present this year was meeting June Foray. She's a cartoon voice over legend – I love all of her work! She was and is the voice of Rocky the flying squirrel and many other female voices on The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, and she also did many voices for Disney, Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers cartoons, too! When I was a kid, she was my hero. Her characters were gentle and loving voices – voices I so needed in my childhood. It’s safe to say that her work got me through many tough times as a kid. 
June 6, 2013:
As I said in my last birthday message January 2013, "There's so much more I'd like to share with you but that will have to come at another time"........ 

Well, I guess the time is now!.......In May of 2011, I was with Patty Jenkins in an editing room as she was putting the final editing touches on what was to be the closing segment of a Lifetime Channel breast cancer special called "Five." As the opening scenes camera panned across an outside hospital patio, a narrator's voice commented on their lives and their types of cancer. The camera came across this girl sitting there laughing….. I saw her smile.

Read Steve's entire message here...
September 6, 2012:
Universal Publishing Signs Steve Perry Deal
by Tim Ingham @ MusicWeek

Don’t Stop Believin’ hitmaker Steve Perry has signed an exclusive publishing administration agreement with Universal Music Publishing Group for the world outside of the US and Canada.

The deal includes all songs written or co-written by Perry throughout his career, including as lead singer of Journey and his solo work.

“One of the greatest voices in the history of rock also wrote or co-wrote some of rocks greatest songs. We couldn’t be prouder that he has chosen to bring those songs to UMPG. We look forward to working with him on both his iconic catalog and his new songs,” said Zach Horowitz, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Publishing Group. 

Steve Perry said, “I so look forward to being a part of the Universal Music Publishing Group. I know they really get what songs are about and they still believe in the magic of music."
Read the entire article here.
Steve Perry
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