SCHON & HAMMER - "No More Lies", 1983
TIM BOGERT - "Progressions", 1981
AMERICA  - "Perspective", 1984
TOMMY TOKIOKA  - "Happy To Be Living", 2000
JOHNNY VAN ZANT - "Collection ", 1994
JONATHAN CAIN - "Body Language", 1997
Go to the "We Are The World" lyrics and info page!
Johnny Van Zant - Round 2
FORREST McDONALD - "I Need You", 1995
SHEENA EASTON - "No Sound But A Heart", 1987
LAIDLAW  - "First Big Picnic", 1999
CLANNAD - "Sirius", 1984
SAMMY HAGAR - "Danger Zone", 1980
KENNY LOGGINS - "High Adventure", 1982
JEFF GOLUB - "Soul Sessions ", 2003
JASON BECKER - "Perspective ", 1996
CROSBY STILLS & NASH & YOUNG - "American Dream ", 1988
DAVID PACK - "The Secret Of Moving On", 2005
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Song Directory A-Z
Danger Zone
Capitol Records, Inc.

Track list:
1. Love Or Money (w/Steve Perry)
2. 20th Century Man
3. Miles From Boredom
4. Mommy Says
5. In The Night
6. The Iceman (w/Steve Perry)
7. Bad Reputation
8. Heartbeat(w/Steve Perry)
9. Run For Your Life (w/Steve Perry)
10. Danger Zone

"Danger Zone" was re-released in 2001

Danger Zone
Format: Compact Disc (501726120281)
Release Date: Nov 15, 2001
Original release year: 1980
Label: Beat Goes On (BGO)
Producer: Geoff Workman; Sammy Hagar
Guest Artists: Neal Schon; Steve Perry

Released in 1981

Bogert is one of the most distinctive and easily recognized bass players working within the hard rock idiom. He has recorded prolifically as a session player, but he has also enjoyed high-profile group work with artists including Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Boxer,  Pipedream and Steve Perry of Journey.

The Bogert/Appice rhythm section  teamed up with the legendary Jeff Beck. Beck, Bogert, and Appice was the new supergroup. Tim and Carmine had wanted to team up with Beck for a long time. Jeff had called them up to do a session with Stevie Wonder and were asked to join the Jeff Beck Group. They left Cactus and did a national tour with Beck.

Later, Tim dissolved his partnership with Beck and moved from New York to Los Angeles.

"I did nothing for six months. Just rode my motorcycle. Then I teamed up with Steve Perry for two years." Tim met Steve at a rehearsal studio and they put a band together called Pieces."

Bogert embarked on a solo career in 1981 with the release of Progressions for Accord Records.
Sessioning for the "Progressions" album would be singer Bill Anderson, guitarist Jay Williams and drummer David Platshon. Notable would be the inclusion of Journey vocalist Steve Perry guesting on the track 'Fast Life'.

Round Two
Released in 1981

Track list:
Who's Right Or Wrong*
Night Time
Standing In The Falling Rain
Drive My Car*                                         
Yesterday's Gone*
Let There Be Music
Cold Hearted Woman*
Keep Our Love Alive
Play My Music                                                                                                                                                                                          
*Background Vocals: Steve Perry

Also see:
Album Title: Collection
Artist: Johnny Van Zant
Record label:Polydor
Release Date:1994-07-26

Track list:
Coming Home
Put My Trust In You
Stand Your Ground
No More Dirty Deals
Standing In The Darkness
Hard Luck Story
(Who's) Right Or Wrong*
Yesterday's Gone*
Standing In The Falling Rain
Cold Hearted Woman*
Good Girls Turning Bad
It's You
Last Of The Wild Ones
Can't Live Without Your Love
Together Forever
Danger Zone
Brickyard Road
*Background Vocals by Steve Perry

This is the perfect introduction to anyone wanting to check out the current Lynyrd Skynyrd front man's early solo work. Actually, it's the only way to check out Van Zant's solo work, as 17 of the CD's 18 songs are on albums that are now out of print. There's some great songs in the Skynyrd vain ("Comin' Home")  as well as more AOR oriented rock like "Yesterday's Gone", which features Journey's Steve Perry on background vocals.

High Adventure
Released: 1982
Performer: Kenny Loggins
Artist: Steve Perry
Distributor: Sony Music Distribution

Track Details
Disc: 1
1. Don't Fight It - (with Steve Perry)
2. Welcome To Heartlight
3. I Gotta Try
4. Swear Your Love
5. More We Try, The
6. Heart To Heart
7. If It's Not What You're Looking For
8. It Must Be Imagination
9. Only A Miracle

Steve Lukather: guitar (3)
Kenny Loggins: guitars, keyboards, vocals, producer
Michael McDonald: piano, keyboards, vocals
Steve Perry: vocals
James Newton-Howard: synthesizer, keyboards
David Sanborn: saxophone
David Foster: synthesizer, piano, keyboards, producer
Tom Snow: synthesizer
Albhy Galuten: synthesizer, strings
Lenny Castro: percussion
Jon Clarke: percussion, recorder, wind
Dennis Conway: drums
Paulinho Da Costa: percussion, conga
Nathan East: bass
Steve Forman: percussion
Steve George: vocals, vocals (bckgr)
Neil Geraldo: guitar
Max Gronenthal: vocals, vocals (bckgr)
Michael Hamilton: bass, guitar, vocals, bells
Heartlight School Singers & Dancers: singer
Tris Imboden: harmonica, percussion, drums
Derek Jackson: bass
Abraham Laboriel: bass
Neil Larsen: synthesizer, keyboards, vocals
Richard Page: vocals, vocals (bckgr)
David Paich: synthesizer, keyboards
Vernon Porter: bass
Steve Wood: keyboards, vocals

The highly energetic "Don't Fight It," a duet with STEVE PERRY, from 1982's High Adventure. It's a combination 70's rocker with a Journey sound in the choruses.

In 1982, Steve Perry and Kenny Loggins were nominated for 'Don't Fight It'  in the Grammy category for 'Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.'

No More Lies
Released in 1983

Track List:
1 . Miami Vice Theme    
2. Wasting Time
3. I'm Talking To You
4. I'm Down
5. Arc
6. It's Alright
7. Hooked On Love
8. On The Beach
9. Untold Passion
10. No More Lies
11. Don't Stay Away
12. (You Don't Think You're) So Hot
13. Turnaround
14. Self Defense (co-writer and vocals - Steve Perry)
15. Long Time
16. Time Again
17. Sticks And Stones
18. Peace Of Mind
19. Covered By Midnight(co-written by Steve Perry)

Catalog Number: 12370
Label: Capitol
Year released: 1984

1. We Got All Night
2. See How The Love Goes
3. Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby (with Steve Perry)
4. Special Girl
5. 5th Avenue
6. (It's Like You) Never Left At All
7. Stereo
8. Lady With A Bluebird
9. Cinderella
10. Unconditional Love
11. Fallin' Off The World

This is without a doubt America's most controversial album. Released in 1984, it features the splashy, heavily-produced, electronic pop sound then in vogue. For a group which made its name in the seventies with acoustic-flavored hits, this was definitely a bold attempt to try a new sound. And yet it works. If any artist could make the sounds of the eighties come together in a seamless, sophisticated manner, it was America. "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby" with Steve Perry of Journey  ranks as one of their finest recordings. The Steve Perry co-writing credit on "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullaby" is significant because Dewey was later featured in Perry's "Oh, Sherrie" video the same year (1984).

If you want to hear one of the better soft-pop albums of mid-1980s, this is it.
Highway Highlight (from the box set booklet)

The band liked "(Can't Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby" better. This sultry, midtempo number was a collaboration among Bunnell, Mumy, Haimer, and Journey lead singer Steve Perry. "Steve and I both lived in Marin County, and I think I ran into him at a Home Depot-type store," Bunnell says. "We became friendly and wrote a few things together. I started this song with Steve, and then he came down to L.A. to help finish the song."

The tune was in raw form When Mumy and Haimer became involved. "The tape Dewey played us had no words, just the chords and Dewey and Steve singing sounds," Haimer says. "We went out for sushi, and one of us came up with 'Can't fall asleep...,' then someone else came up with, ' a lullaby.' The demo that we did of the song that night had chords similar to 'Ventura Highway,' but the studio version became something else that was equally good."

"It was another one of those lonely-on-the-road kind of things," says Bunnell of the song. "Most of the love songs I've written relate to that: You can either revel in being alone or you can feel sorry for yourself. Matt McCauley produced that one, and Dean Parks played bass and guitar." Bunnell sang(with Steve Perry) "(Can't Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby" with a cool, sophisticated air that was a far cry from the days of "Sandman" and "Donkey Jaw." Released as a single, it hit #26 on the Adult Contemporary chart.
Also released in 1984 was Steve Perry's debut solo album, Street Talk. While Dewey wasn't directly involved with the production of the album, his close collaboration with Perry resulted in a big thank you in the liner notes to Dewey "Stevie Baby" Bunnell. When Perry's first single, "Oh, Sherrie," reached the Top Ten in May 1984, Dewey was even invited to make a cameo appearance in the song's video.

Amazing Adult Fantasy (no picture available)
Release Date: 01/01/1984

Track List:
1. Learn to Kiss the Enemy
2. Don't You Wanna Go to the Moon (with Steve Perry)
3. Modern Romantic Point of View
4. Nothing Funny
5. I Don't Remember Tomorrow 12. Little Man
6. Life Is Safer When You're Sleeping
7. Don't Be a Singer (with Steve Perry)
8. I Want to Live in Your Brain
9. ZZ Top Beard
10. Music Doesn't Matter
11. Ah a
12. Little Man
13. Music Spazchow
14. Bang Bang

Art and Artie Barnes (Robert Haimer and Bill Mumy) are a musical comedy duo who revel in the scatological style popularized by the National Lampoon films. Based in Los Angeles, California, USA, Barnes And Barnes were signed by Rhino Records in 1980, at a time when this leading independent outlet was renowned for irreverent releases.

Amazing Adult Fantasy was a commercially minded selection.

Steve Perry of Journey sings on the utterly presentable "Don't You Wanna Go to the Moon" and on "Don`t Be A Singer".

Released: 1987

1. In Search Of A Heart
2. Second Nature
3. Turning Tide
4. Skellig
5. Stepping Stone· 
6. White Fool (with Steve Perry)
7. Something To Believe In
8. Live And Learn
9. Many Roads
10. Sirius

Release info:
1987--RCA (UK)--ND75149
Ecto priority:
High for lovers of Celtic folk.
Group members:
Maire Brennan, Ciaran Brennan, Poul Brennan, Noel Duggan, Padraig Duggan
Guest artists:
Robbie Blunt--guitar, electric guitar
Richie Cannata--saxophone
Wells Christie--synclavier
Mel Collins--saxophone
Phillip Donnelly--acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Bruce Hornsby--accordion, vocals, piano
Tom Keane--Uilleann pipes
Russ Kunkel--drums, percussion
Richard Niles--string arrangement
Steve Perry--harmony vocal
J.D. Souther--vocals
The Three Tribesmen--on the song "White Fool"
Pete Vettese--keyboards, flute, bass
Jai Winding--keyboards
Produced by:
Greg Ladanyi and Russ Kunkel

Clannad entered Rockfield recording studios in Wales to commence recording in April 1987.  The band then travelled to London to continue recording in Livingston and Angel Studios.  With all the backing tracks and most of the vocals completed the band were ready to move to the complex recording studio in Los Angeles to mix the album. Clannad spent more than five weeks at the complex with many guest musicians appearing on the album. These included Bruce Hornsby, Steve Perry (who is singing in Gaelic on "White Fool"), J.D. Souther, Russ Kunkel, Robbic Blunt, Philip Donnelly, Mel Collins and many more. Entitled "Sirius" (the brightest star in the sky),  in 1987 the album was co-produced by Greg Ladanyi and Russ Kunkel and mixed by Greg Ladanyi.  Greg Ladanyi is one of America's top producers, having worked with Don Henley, Jackson Browne, Toto and Asia amongst others, while Russ Kunkel is one of the foremost drummers in America. Sirius is seen as a major development for Clannad and is an album which has surprised and delighted Clannad fans all over the world.

The song "White Fool" with Steve Perry also appears on the "Past and Present" album released in 1989 at RCA Records USA.

Check lyrics and reviews here:

No Sound But A Heart

Song list:
1. Eternity
2. Still Willing to Try
3. Still in Love (with Steve Perry)
4. Wanna Give My Love
5. Last to Know
6. No Sound But a Heart
7. What If We Fall in Love
8. No Ordinary Love
9. Floating Hearts
10. Schockwave
11. So Far So Good
12. Natural Love
13. It`s Christmas All over Again

1987's No Sound But a Heart was delayed due to a contractural problem that resulted in Easton changing record companies from EMI America to MCA. When the album was finally released (a year after the lead single, "Eternity", was issued), it sank without a trace and is considered the rarest of Easton's domestic album releases.

***Answers from Shena Easton`s Management - August 3, 1998:

Q: Has Sheena worked with Steve Perry from Journey?

A:Sheena has recorded some of his songs, but has never worked directly with him. [He did sing back-up on the song "Still In Love" on the un-released "No Sound But A Heart" album]

American Dream
Released: 1988, Atlantic
Performer: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Artist: Steve Perry
Distributor: WEA

Track list:
American Dream
Got It Made
Name Of Love
Don't Say Goodbye
This Old House
Nighttime For The Geberals
Drivin' Thunder
Clear Blue Skies
That Girl
Soldiers Of Peace (with Steve Perry)
Feel Your Love
Night Song

I Need You
Released in 1995 at World Talent Records

Meeting and working with Steve Perry who became the lead singer for Journey was certainly memorable" ,says Forrest." Steve Perry and I met through our mutual attorney. I was looking for a vocalist and Steve was looking for a recording situation. We met at our attorney's office and hit it off pretty well. Steve came over to my apartment and I showed him a lot of songs I had written.. We also recorded "Dreams Reality" and I amended the copyright to include him as a form of payment/appreciation. We renamed "Dreams Reality" to "Stronger And Stronger".

I had written the music for "It`s Over" a few weeks before Steve and I met and one afternoon we put the words together. We both agreed it was hot, so it was one of the two songs we decided to record. I arranged for the studio time, rehearsed the rhythm section, and we cut the tracks a week later. The session went very smooth and Steve did a great job.

Note: The song, "It`s Over" (on which Steve Perry sings lead vocals) is available on Forrest`s debut CD called "I Need You".

You can purchase a copy of the cd from his website at

Released on May 21st 1996

Track List:
Primal (with Steve Perry - Intro and Breakdown Voice, Percussion)
End Of The Beginning
Life And Death
Meet Me In The Morning


Jason Becker is probably one of the world's most moving, innovative and awe-inspiring guitarists and musicians ever. After break up of his group Cacophony, and between the release of his first solo album, Perpetual Burn, in 1988 and the making of this, his second, speed metal guitarist Jason Becker suffered one of the most devastating blows a human being can: he was
diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), the incurable ailment that gradually renders its victims paralyzed. "Perspective" was recorded during the period when Becker was losing his ability to move, much less play the guitar, and thus marks a transition
from his days of frantic fretboard work to less speedy playing and to writing music that is played by other musicians and by computer; much of the album was written on a Mackintosh and then executed by guest performers. The result is that Becker, being unable to produce his usual heavy metal performances, has turned to a more varied musical palette, allowing in a wide range of musical influences. Guests performing on this alnum include such names as vocalist Steve Perry (Journey), guitarist virtuoso Michael Lee Firkins and seasoned rock musician and producer Steve Hunter. CD was released in 2001 on Warner Bros and features 9 tracks.

Jason told Gerhard Pichler:

Gerhard : -" What was it like working together with Steve Perry? Was it something special for you?"
Jason : -" Working with Steve was great. He is so cool and creative."

Steve Perry: "Jason is one of the most unique stylists I've ever had the opportunity to work with."
Review: George Graham Reviews Jason Becker's "Perspective"

Body Language
Date of Release :1997
Higher Octave Records

1. Paradiso
2. Body Language
3. Moonlight at Marlbella
4. Crazy With the Heat
5. Even in My Wildest Dreams
6. Melt Away
7. I'll Always Remember (co-writen with Steve Perry)
8. Cry for Love
9. Eeyes of Chacmool
10. Daydream
11. With Your Love

Cain recorded three albums with Journey, including the multi-platinum album "Escape," which was the first time Journey had reached #1 on the Billboard chart. It was Cain's ballad "Open Arms" that took the world by storm. He had originally wanted to do it with The Babys, but vocalist Waite didn't like the song. Journey's vocalist, Steve Perry, shared a lot of the same interests as Cain, so they worked well together.

Cain liked his new approach to his music, so he released a new age album, titled "Body Language", in 1997. Like its predecessor "Piano With A View","Body Language" was a powerful album, with highlights as "Paradiso" and "I'll Always Remember", which he co-wrote with Steve Perry.

Steve Perry`s former Journey bandmate Jonathan Cain once observed that "God gave Steve a voice that rings like a bell," neatly encapsulating this AOR vet's lasting appeal.

First Big Picnic
Released : October 26, 1999
Produced by : Nikki Sixx
Time : 46:10

Track list:
1.  Send My Baby Home(with Steve Perry) (4:21) James/ DeFalco/ Pantera
2.  Burnin'  (4:43) James/ DeFalco/ Roberts
3.  Sweet Leanna  (4:25) DeFalco/ James/ Kulick / Cuomo
4.  Wastin' My Time  (4:17) James/ DeFalco/ Kulick / Cuomo
5.  Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Koo   (4:21) Rick Derringer
6.  Shine on Me  (4:32) DeFalco/ James/ Roberts
7.  Give It Time (6:23) Roberts/ James/ DeFalco
8 . Stoned (4:33) James/ Roberts/ DeFalco
9.  Just Might Do Me In  (4:20) DeFalco/ Roberts/ James
10.  Catfish Stew  (4:15) James/ Davis/ DeFalco/ Krall

(63985-78070-2) released 1999 by Americoma / Beyond (BMG Music)

USA : Americoma / Beyond (BMG Music) - compact disc - 63985-78070-2

Laidlaw is :
Tommy Roberts (lead vocals)
Buzzy James (slide guitar, vocals)
Craig DeFalco (guitar, vocals)
Michael Norton (bass, vocals)
Darrell Millar (drums)
Additional musicians :
Teddy Andreadis (B-3 Organ, piano, harmonica)
Anne King (trumpet on track 10)
Steve Perry (vocals on track 01)
The Honkettes (Dale Krantz-Rossington and Carol Chase) (background vocals on track 01)*
Kelley Thomas (background vocals on track 04, 05, and 07)

Produced by Nikki Sixx.
Recorded by Brian Joseph Dobbs.
* The Honkettes recorded at Tree Sound Studio in Atlanta, GA by Jon Herron.
Track 01, 02, 03, 06, 07 and 10 Mixed by Randy Nicklaus
Track 04, 05, 08 and 09 Mixed by Paul Ricchiuti.
Recorded at Rover Recording, Burbank, CA.

Audio CD format
Original Release Date: October 26, 1999
Label: Americoma/Beyond Records

Laidlaw is the first band signed by Nikki Sixx's new Americoma label and they are pretty much what you'd expect--a long hair heavy metal band. But unlike the Crue, they have a decidedly southern flavor. Sixx is at the controls as producer. He reports that former Journey singer Steve Perry made a surprise visit to the studio and was pressed into service on background vocals.

Their guest artist and thank you list reads like a who's who of the seventies rock scene. In addition to Nikki Sixx, there is Steve Perry of Journey (on "Send My Baby Home"), the Honkettes (who sang backup for Lynyrd Skynyrd), Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Sammy Hagar-you get the picture. And on the album they look like they are genuinely having fun hanging out.

Happy To Be Living
Release Date: Jan 1, 2000

Song Listing:
I Wish You Were Mine (with Steve Perry)
Nani Waialeale
An Angel Above Me (with Steve Perry)
I've Been There Before
Happy To Be Living
Celebrate A New Beginning
I Could Be
Song For You, A
Blowin' In The Wind

Personnel: Tommy Tokioka (vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums, congas, chimes); Steve Perry (vocals); D.J. Pratt, Darryl Gonzalez, Kirby Keough (guitar); Darrell Rapozo (ukulele); Steve Dubey (harmonica, trumpet); David Yokimura (saxophone); Michael Ruff, Kenny Wilson (keyboards); Jeff Mira (bass guitar); Ron Rhoades, Teo Mullen, Brad Nelmida (drums); Malani Bilyeu, Robbi Kaholokula, Malia Rosa (background vocals).

Recording information: Avalon, Kauai, Hawaii (2000).

Tommy Tokioka (who goes by his first name in billing) is a Kauai native who mixes originals with covers and reggae with pop in his disc debut.

His sound is geared to stations with contemporary Island music formats, but he also takes detours. One is "Nani Wai'ale'ale," a very popular Hawaiian classic, performed with multiple voice trackings and ipu accents over guitar. It's a beauty.

Tommy Tokioka's debut release features the hit song "I Wish You Were Mine" with special guest vocals by Journey`s singer Steve Perry.

Another is the lyrically fascinating "An Angel Above Me," a radiant love ballad with Steve Dubey's beguiling harmonica tones and the soulful voice of Steve Perry. Here's a tune waiting to be discovered.

"I've Been There Before" is a splash of pop (Kalapana's D.J. Pratt plays lead guitar, Kalapana's Malani Bilyeu does background vocals) that also could be Tommy's breakout tune.

"I Could Be" reflects a voice within his soul, waiting to be heard. The sensitivity is reminiscent of the kind of heartfelt ballads that came from the geniuses of Eric Clapton or Elton John. And yes, this is another Tommy tune.

His remake of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind," an homage to the folk hero and era, takes a jaunty posture and a subtle reggae backbeat.

Tommy Tokioka:" Steve sang background vocals for me on 2 songs. The first song on the CD, "I Wish You Were Mine", and the third song on the CD, "An Angel Above Me".

Soul Sessions
Released in 2003

Track list:
1. Boom Boom
2. Playin' It Cool
3. Cadillac Jack
4. Underneath It All
5. Pass It On
6. Isn't That So
7. Back Home
8. Can't Let You Go (Steve Perry - lead vocal)
9. Vibrolux
10. Nubian Blue
11. Skin Tight

Label: GRP
Produced by Jeff Golub and Bud Harner
Recorded and mixed by Steve Sykes
Horn arrangements by Nick Lane
assisted by Hatsukazu "Hatch" Inagaki
Except tracks 1 and 6 recorded by Joe Ferla, assisted
by E. Scott Lindner and Jason Stasium
Recorded at Castle Oaks, Calabasas, CA
March 10-25, 2003 and Right Track, New York, February
18, 2003. Mixed April 5-17, 2003 at Rupert House Studio, Woodland Hills, CA.

Although mostly instrumental, Soul Sessions boasts some distinguished guest vocalists, including Journey icon Steve Perry (who is featured on Golub's bluesy "Can't Let You Go") and singer/songwriter Marc Cohn (who appears on a gutsy remake of folk-rocker Jesse Winchester's 1970s favorite "Isn't That So").

But for the most part, Soul Sessions was recorded in Los Angeles where Golub maintained an "open-door policy" in the studio. In other words, he encouraged a variety of musicians to hang out during the recording process-and some of the people who were simply hanging out ended up making unplanned guest appearances. Golub recalls: "It was a real party atmosphere in the studio, which is what I love. I don't do closed sessions. It was a constant exchange.

Jeff Golub:
"One really cool thing that happened as a result of this atmosphere of friends coming in and out is that one day Steve Perry stopped in to say hi to his friend Steve Ferrone ( one of the perks of having a "Drummer to the Stars" playing with you). We all thought it was pretty cool just to have the singer from "Journey" at the studio. We were recording a ballad that I had written and during a play back Steve says to me"Man, I could really hear this vocal line going along with your guitar". Of course I had the engineer set up a microphone immediately and the next thing you know, I've got STEVE PERRY singing on my record!!! How cool is that!!!!!"

The Secret Of Moving On
Released in 2005

Song List:
The Secret Of Movin` On - (with Ann Wilson)
Vertical Disbelief
Biggest Part Of Me
Tell Her Goodbye - (with Dewey Bunnell)
A Brand New Start - (with Steve Perry)
You`re The Only Woman
When Your Love Was Almost Mine
Where We Started From - (with Timothy B. Schmit)
Think Of U (Song 4 Kaitlyn)

Album Information
Release Date: 2005-08-09
Type: Performer
Genre: Rock & Pop
Label: Peak Records
Distributor: Universal Distribution
Producer: Steve Perry; David Pack
Catalog Number: 8519
Original Release Year: 2005

Guest Artist: Steve Perry; Ann Wilson

Personnel include: David Pack (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Dewey Bunnell, Ann Wilson, Steve Perry , Timothy B. Schmit, Stacey Hymes, Michael Zuanich (vocals); Beth Pack (spoken vocals); Russ Freeman (guitar); Eric Marienthal (saxophone); David Benoit (keyboards); Alex Al (bass guitar); Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Ferrone (drums); Luis Conte (percussion). Recording information: O'Henry Studios, Burbank, California (2005); Record One, Sherman Oaks, California; North Beach Studios, Franklin, Tennessee.

"David has surrounded himself with a number of major talents who have also "stood the test of time"(Steve Perry, Ann Wilson, Dewey Bunnell and Timothy B. Schmidt as featured vocalists)".

"Track 5 "A Brand New Start" features a vocal duet with the song's co-writer Steve Perry - yes THAT Steve Perry - his voice has been greatly missed, however you cannot miss it here. Pack and Perry's voices work so well together - very textured.The songwriting is superior as well."

One of David Pack's favorite singers and writers, Steve Perry (late of Journey), have gotten back in touch with each other and have written an incredible song: A Brand New Start.  David Pack says "Steve is one of my favorite people on the planet...amazing person, amazing writing intuition, amazing voice...he's the best, and we truly enjoy working together".

Read David Pack`s interview:
Jeff Golub:
"I've got STEVE PERRY singing on my record!!! ...How cool is that!!!!!"
Amazing Adult Fantasy
(no picture available)
...In 1982, Steve Perry and Kenny Loggins were nominated for 'Don't Fight It'  in the Grammy category for 'Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.'
Jason Becker:
" Working with Steve was great. He is so cool and creative."
Jonathan Cain:
"God gave Steve a voice that rings like a bell."
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