Steve Perry, for those of you who don't know, was the lead singer for the band Journey. Now, to date you freshman types, you were about one year old when Journey had the hit "Wheel in the Sky" off of the album Infinity. Kinda scary, huh? But, that's not what the concert was about.

On the road on the "For the Love of Strange Medicine" tour, it's Steve Perry's first venture out in eight years. And he hasn't lost a thing. The voice is still crisp, the moves are still there, and his jet-black hair might just be a little bit longer than before.

Opening with a power outage on stage, Steve Perry seemed unflustered as the technical difficulties were repaired, and cruised right into a few Journey classics, Then it was on to couple of previous solo hits, with "Oh Sherrie" getting the crowd to know this was going to be one kick-butt show. And solo is what he is about now, so after getting the crowd fired up he kicked into some of his new solo material. "You Better Wait," a song about not growing up too fast, and his latest hit, was received well as he worked the crowd, and "Somewhere There's Hope" was a haunting type of song with a backdrop that looked like blowing curtains looking out into the darkness. But he knew people came also to hear the hits, and that's what he stressed, which is sorta too bad because his solo material is great in it's own right. 

Backed by a talented group of musicians, hits like "Wheel in the Sky," (which was preceded by a wailing guitar solo), "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'," and "Separate Ways" sounded true to form, with "Don't Stop Beleivin'", the first encore, bringing the house down.

The evening ended with the touching "Faithfully" and I was only sad about one thing, that as good as Steve Perry is as a solo artist, I wish I could have been old enough to have seen Journey as well.

You guessed it, Steve Perry gets TWO THUMBS UP! The show was great, spotlighting old and new, and there are certain voices that are always recognizable, and one of those is Steve Perry.
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