HAIR:  (Dark brown, straight)  Steve recently trimmed those luxurious locks to just about shoulder length, but he'd sported that longer 'do ever since high school-even when long hair wasn't the height of fashion-proclaiming to the world at large his love of rock 'n roll.  And even if his hair length isn't an exact indication of change, Steve is heading in a new direction a putting a solo album together.

FOREHEAD:  (High) The bangs give it away first-Steve doesn't like to reveal too much of himself at once.  He's quiet and reserved, but there's the impish side to him also; the court jester he's called it.  With all those different facets, his complex personality takes a while to explore, but still and all it's easily understood, for Steve's not one for playing games-he'll let you know exactly what's on his mind.

EYES:  (Hazel)  It's easy to lose yourself within the deep set of his Portuguese eyes, with just a hint of loneliness behind their quite good humor.  An only child, after his parents' divorce, Steve turned toward music for companionship, and if over the years, music-and a handful of old friends-have still remained closest to him, it's because they've proved themselves in the past.

NOSE:  (Long, thin) Though he was teased about his nose when he was a youth, it's a feature Steve is proud of-perhaps because it bespeaks his own individuality and is proof he can take criticism.  Nevertheless, Steve likes to keep his nose out of other people's affairs, and dislikes people who pry into his, thinking them rude and inconsiderate.

MOUTH:  (Small, full-lipped) Out of that perfectly formed mouthpiece comes the voice of Journey; able to softly croon a love song or blast out a rock tune, and once, by-the-by, the bearer of braces.  And though Steve's vocalizing is widely acknowledged as a Journey trademark, he doesn't see himself in the rock star mold at all.


HAIR:  (Light brown)  Jon's neat, but boyishly disarrayed hair is a clue to the easy-going, yet independent guy behind the talented musician.  Growing up in a tough, inner city Chicago neighborhood, Jon didn't belong to any one group of high school students, but rather chose his friends solely on merit-he paved his own way then, as now.

FOREHEAD:  (Furrowed) A sometimes worrier, Jon's brow will frequently wrinkle when he's hard at work-which is often.  On the other hand though, his interests-skiing or photography for instance-easily take his mind off his troubles and too, quiet dinners with his wife Tane are a sure-fire relaxant.

EYES:  (Deep brown) The last Journey member to join up, Jon had no problems fitting in, lending his multi-instrument talent and songwriting ability to the already established band.  Besides those welcome attributes though, his warm eyes seemed to actually listen to what the other guys said, and though not the least bit phony or pushy, his well-founded confidence made him an instant hit.

NOSE:  (Wide) Jon's got a nose for news-he was the editor of his high school newspaper and wrote many a controversial editorial.  In fact, if music hadn't called, Jon would probably have been a professional writer-and you can still find his intelligent nose buried within a non-fiction work, especially autobiographies.

MOUTH: (Wide, thin) Jon's lips will easily curve into an ingratiating smile-inviting you to be yourself with him, because he's as down to earth as they come.  Easy to talk to and willing to give his all, Jon's an important part of Journey's success.


HAIR (Brown, kinky) As his curls are liable to go every which way-especially when lost in a hard rockin' guitar riff-Neal too, is totally spontaneous and likes to "get crazy" to let off some of that pent-up steam.

FOREHEAD:  (Broad) There's lots of space up there for those creative wheels to spin.  Neal's mind, in fact, is known to go into overtime, and for just that reason he keeps a tape recorder by his bedside.

EYES:  (Brown) Those warm and friendly eyes of Neal's will light up even when he's smack dab in the middle of a party of looking forward to an evening of club-hopping.  He loves to get out there and mingle-keeping up on the latest in music as well.

NOSE:  (Angular) Though Neal achieved fame at a mere 15 years of age when he was offered a spot in the Eric Clampton Band, then declined it to join the '70s supergroup Santana, he's not one for putting on phony airs of sticking his nose in the air either.  As the shape of his nose is expressly him, so are his beliefs.

MOUTH:  (Straight) There's nary a Neal Schon facial expression that doesn't utilize those muscles-whether his lips are pursed in concentration of slightly parted in thought-yet you'll never see this rocker with a frown.  Neal's a dyed-in-the-wool optimist, rarely finding fault with anything and just as rarely disappointed.


HAIR:  (Brown, thin) Steve's hair could be straight as an arrow or have a bit of a curl to it-it varies.  Steve too, admits to mood variations-from quite to aggressive-and as for the drummer in his soul, well, once again Steve is know for his eclectic style.

FOREHEAD:  (High) The hairline might be receding a bit, but that's all the better to see there's a lot going on upstairs.  Steve's an avid reader and well-informed on all topics.

EYES:  (Brown, expressive) Those congenial peepers come right out and exclaim that Steve likes most everyone he meets-and vise versa too.  The one quality Steve detests in insensitivity-he himself wouldn't dream of hurting anyone, and he's sure to thoughtfully bring presents from the road to his wife Susan and young son Ian.

NOSE:  (Broad) The nose knows Steve comes from solid New England stock-he's the eldest of five children, used to responsibility and used to sharing the spotlight with others.  Perfect Journey material.

MOUTH:  (Full) Depending when you catch him, Steve's mouth may be partially hidden by a moustache or totally visible to the eye, but its artistic shape is always evident.  Steve, in fact, considered taking the artistic route at one point, and is still apt to exhibit his creative bent in the kitchen, dreaming up his own savory concoctions.


HAIR:  (Blond) His straight blond tresses have grown progressively shorter-a sure sigh that Ross is able to change with the changing times.  Together, he and Neal are the self-described "old glue" that holds Journey together.  No matter the additions or subtractions the group saw, steadfast Ross was there to see it too.

FOREHEAD:  (Wide) Ross isn't likely to keep what's going on behind that front hush-hush; he's extroverted and totally into what's going on around him.

EYES:  (Blue) The twinkle is there for all to see, and Ross' zany sense of humor is never far behind.  He often breaks the guys up with silly jokes of animal noises, but there's the serious romantic in him too-he can spend hours gazing at the stars.

MOUTH:  (Long, thin) There's that sense of humor again, tugging at the corners of his mouth and almost giving way to a full-fledged grin.  That's not to be confused with the slap-happy sort though-Ross' creed is to have fun, but he's reliable as the day is long and always keeps things in perspective.

It's true then, that on the face of it, the Journey-men are an exciting and talented bunch, but it really goes much further than just skin deep!

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Rockline Magazine  Mar/Apr 1984

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