R 'N R Might Mean Rest 'N Relaxation For Anyone Else, But For Jon, Neal, Ross And The Two Steves It Might Just Mean Rock 'N Roll . . . Or Jazz, Or . . .

'Course a hardworking band like Journey deserves a rest, now and then, from the rigours of the road and the pressures of the recording studio. The thing is, when these musicians wound down their last blockbuster, give-the-people-what-they-want tour in support of Frontiers, most of the Journeymen didn't kick off their shoes and relax. For even when these five guys announce that they're taking a Journey vacation - it's a far cry from actually doing it. Here's what they have been up to:

STEVE PERRY:  Well, the king of croon has been dedicating his time off to his first solo album. Steve's been toiling long hours at a California recording studio and the finished product should be out any day now. He's been real secretive about its contents too, so it should be packing quite a few surprises!

JON CAIN:  Meanwhile, Journey's resident multi-instrumentalist has been combining his familial and musical interests, working with his wife, singer Tane Cain. A rock 'n roller with two albums to her credit, Tane has a new band called Tryanglz - and an album that should be out soon - thanks in part to the talents of her hubby Jonathan!

NEAL SCHON:  Guitar wizard Neal has collaborated outside of Journey before - namely with Jan Hammer -  and now he's taking a hard rock stance with Sammy Hagar as well. The two have been playing concerts together throughout California - and recording them for a live LP and video. And speaking of video, did you catch Neal and Jon playing host on NBC's Friday Night Videos a while back?

STEVE SMITH:  Not only has Vital Information - the Journey drummer's solo album - become a 'must have' for any Journey fan or jazz enthusiast (which covers a lot of territory when you think of it!), but Steve's Vital Information band has become a 'must see' too! Steve's been bringing what he terms his "personal point of view" to music-lovers throughout the country - he even headlined at his alma mater, the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. But even though he's been somewhat of a 'roads scholar' lately, Steve's still very much a family man. Note: wife Susan and young son Ian Matthew join him whenever - and wherever - possible. As Steve's youngest fan, Ian will proudly display how much his dad means to him too!

ROSS VALORY:  Ross has been the only Journey member to take the word vacation to heart, but then again, isn't that what a honeymoon's all about? Ross and his bride Mary did indeed tie the knot, but the honeymoon will soon be over when the bassist - and Journey - swing back into action!

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