Steve Perry is planning a solo album, Jonathan Cain is producing his wife, Tane's, next offering, Neal Schon is collaborating with rocker Sammy Hagar and Steve Smith already has his jazzy Vital Information LP in the record racks. Individual projects abound with the Journey members, but that just goes to show you what extraordinary talents they have. Journey is comprised of musicians capable of standing on their own two feet - capable, in fact, of holding onto a solo spotlight, yet never hogging the limelight where Journey's concerned. The group is the total sum of its parts and Journey is first and foremost with all the guys. According to Steve Perry, "Journey is the mothership," and its mates are surely dedicated to teamwork above all! Proof positive is in the pictures too! Here are the popular rockers at work or just having fun - yet always, side by side, note for note, part of the big Journey Family.

There's no doubt that Journey is a tightly knit unit in concert - Steve and Neal perform together like a well-oiled machine! - and the group is just as like-minded when it comes to songwriting. Steve and Jon wrote the melody to "Separate Ways" backstage one night, the lyrics the next - and everything just fell naturally into place! That's because they all love the same kinds of music, and as Neal puts it, "We're still making the music we want to make."

Looks like Ross Valory is giving bandmate Jon a super-serious gaze, but he's just being sensitive to Jon's every move - Journey members are totally unified on stage. That type of teamwork in fact, inspired Journey's 90-minute TV documentary of their '83 world tour. It was filmed by the National Football League (that's the NFL) Films and the producers even compared the mega-band to a football team because of its organisation and discipline!

Though the Journey guys pair into pretty terrific twosomes on stage, the off-duty coupling is just as eye-catching! Note, if you will, Jon and pretty Tane (of the Tane Cain Band, of course) and Steve Smith with his other pride and joy - his two-year-old son, Ian Matthew!

Together or separately, personally or professionally, nothing quite compares to these Journey-men!

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Two-By-Two And One-For-All

Those Talented Journey-Men Pair Off For Success!

16 Magazine, January 1984
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