They're in the studio right this very second! Steve Perry, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon, Ross Valory and Steve Smith are adding a little bit o' this - and a little bit o' that! - to the Journey album you'll be hearing soon! Berkeley, California's the place  the guys decided to go back to Fantasy Studios where they recorded their good luck LP Escape!  and the album is called . . . well, it hasn't got a name yet, but you can be your favourite Journeymen are tossing more than a few titles around! The producers of Escape are back on this new Journey project as well, guaranteeing another super-duper Journey surprise  just in time for the holidays!

What Do You Do After You Escape?

With the end of the Escape tour last July, Journey settled in for some well-deserved vacation time before they got the new album together. Steve Perry got his R&R at home and on a brief camping trip; Neal took advantage of the little free time he had to go to New York City and put the finishing touches on his second rock album with keyboardist Jan Hammer. Ross had fun cruising the streets of San Francisco in his brand new black Porsche; Steve Smith moved to a bigger house because son Ian Matthew (nearly a year old now) takes up a lot more room than a drum kit  and, anyway, it was a great excuse for a housewarming party; and Jonathan saw wife Tane off on a promotional tour all her own in support of her brand new RCA record album! Of course, vacation time wasn't all fun and personal pleasure.

Getting Ready For The Studio

In back of their minds, all the Journeymen were thinking about the new LP. Eventually they wrote more new songs, practised their instruments (to stay in shape of course!) and readied themselves for that day in August when recording sessions would begin in earnest. First, however, came the weeks of rehearsal.

Keeping to their all-in-family, stick-close-to-home pattern, rehearsals were scheduled at a Bay area warehouse that is leased by Journey. The place houses the band's lighting company and serves as an excellent rehearsal studio whenever the group has the need. The band can rehearse their live show - the place is so big, Journey can even put up their on-the-road stage set! - and prepare for the recording studio in the very same place, with a minimum of additional cost.

Rehearsals for the new Journey album took a couple of weeks. Songs and ideas were worked on individually - or by two or three band members - were gone over, chosen, eliminated or polished up for the subsequent recording sessions. Slowly but surely - and always with a great sense of fun! - the Journey guys selected the songs that were to go on the new LP. One thing was a little bit different this time though - Neal was hoping the band could do a little more spontaneous recording, so a little more leeway was made for last minute, in-the-studio songwriting.

Future Plans

Now that Journey's album is nearly finished - recording generally takes them about six to eight weeks - the band's job has only just begun. Escape has sold over five million units worldwide and is definitely going to be a hard act to follow! The band will be thinking about a new stage show and tour of course (the better to see you with my dear!), photos will have to be taken and a new album cover designed. That will keep Journey plenty busy until their newest "baby" is released. When that album finally makes its debut though, you can bet it will be the biggest, bestest Journey gift you've ever gotten!

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