*********** Steve Perry ***********

1.When he was a teenager, he was hassled a lot about his long hair. Passing a group of boys, it was not uncommon for Steve to hear bursts of laughter and remarks such as "Hi, cutie!"

2.Stephen's way with money is like his way with his audience - generous and giving. He definitely enjoys a little shopping spree every now and again.

3.If he feels like getting away from it all, Steve just slips behind the wheel of his trusty old friend, a '73 yellow Volkswagen, and goes for a ride. Seems as though folks don't recognise him as quickly when he's not in a limousine, and that gives Steve a little more freedom to move around without causing a major riot!

4.He spent a part of his adolescence working on a turkey ranch rebuilding turkey sheds. He no longer eats turkey.

5.Steve's a bit of a workaholic. When he's not busy on stage during the group's eight-months-a-year tour schedule, he's off in a corner somewhere writing songs. When he's not doing that, he's out promoting the group's albums. What he doesn't get to do much of is relax at his Sausalito home.

6.He's changed with success, but not in the way you might think. When he first started out with Journey, Steve was a bit dazzled by all the glamour of the music business, after all he'd just gone through a period of all work and little money. Today, Steve sees his craft as something that can only thrive with attention and hard work - even if it means leaving the parties to someone else.

7.Steve's been in recording studios for a lot of years, but not as the hot recording star he is now. He used to be a recording engineer and he was a whiz at the control panel!

8.He once made a "grape" lamp for his grandmother and then when it became such a popular item with her friends, he had to make a whole bunch more!

9.Steve adores Mexican food and when a restaurant with an extra special sauce wouldn't share their secret recipe, he spent lots of time in the kitchen trying to make one that tasted just like it. He got close, but never quite made it.

10.When he's at home, Steve gets up every morning - whether he wants to or not! - to the sound of the squirrels and woodpeckers hammering away at the side of his house!

*********** Neal Schon ***********

11.The only child of Barbara and Matthew Schon, Neal was born at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma and grew up adoring music and art - they ran neck and neck in his life until rock 'n' roll won out in Neal's teenage years.

12. If you've got a snake as a pet, don't bother bringing him 'round to meet Neal - he's terrified of them!

13.Neal's got a bit of a temper and he keeps it under control with heavy doses of common sense, hard work and water skiing - it's one of his favorite ways of blowing off steam.

14.When he daydreams, Neal hears new melodies in his head and, eventually, they translate themselves into music for Journey.

15.He's always had a secret desire to meet his grandmother's mother. His reason? "Because my grandmother is such a heavy lady."

16.Neal's favorite thing to do on the road - just for fun - is to find out which musicians are playing in local clubs, and going down their to join them in a heavy-duty jam session.

17.The subject that gave him trouble in school? Spelling.

18.Neal's just the teeniest bit superstitious and he often wears a good luck horn around his neck.

19.He's ambidextrous. That mean's he's both right and left-handed.

20.This lead guitarist thinks Eddie Van Halen is one of the best in the field.

*********** Jonathan Cain ***********

21.Not only is this Journey newcomer a wizard on the piano and keyboards, he's also an expert on a couple of more unusual instruments, namely the slide whistle and kazoo!

22.Jonathan dreams of raising horses and having his own ranch one of these days.

23.He's got a pet German shepherd whom he's fond of describing this way: "He catches Frisbees on a fly - if he doesn't chew your arm first."

24.He's not called Jonathan by the members of the group - Journey calls him "J." The nickname, however, did not originate with Journey. Because there already was a Jon with The Babys, "J" was given a new name when he joined that prestigious group.

25."J" is incredibly affectionate and he loves to cuddle!

26.The thing "J" likes lest about his work is that it's not routine. He says, "You never know what's coming next!"

27.Want to know what Jonathan's idea of a swell evening is? It's staying up late to watch all those creature features on television!

28.He often thinks that he'd have been a journalist if he hadn't gone into music.

29.His most embarrassing moment happened on a stage in Detroit when he fell on his rear after tripping over a monitor!

30.There aren't too many material things Jon treasures, but his Humpty Dumpty badge is his prize!

*********** Steve Smith ***********

31.Steve is as "into" jazz and classical music as he is rock 'n roll. His favorite composer? McCartney? Bacharach? Uh-uh! It's Stravinsky.

32.Steve loves to spend hours playing pinball.

33.Steve's just as creative in the kitchen as he is on drums. He loves to invent new dishes, and for the most part, they usually come out to be new vegetarian specialties.

34.Steve always looks for the no-nonsense type when he's girl watching. He likes girls with simple good looks (real, not all made up).

35.Steve's got to watch those calories - he admits that over-eating is a problem.

36.Speaking of eating, even Steve's nickname - "Crunch" - has to do with food. Seems as though Steve enjoys an occasional bowl of granola.

37.One of the hardest things Steve had to learn was how to overcome his nervousness before a show.

38.Steve is a pushover for peanut butter!

39.When he was a youngster, Steve wanted to be a history teacher.

40.Steve's family, and then his first drumming teacher, inspired him to take that first shot at being a professional musician.

*********** Ross Valory ***********

41.Ross loves being a tourist! There's nothing that pleases him more than the thought of being able to go off to see the world on a leisurely vacation and enjoying different countries from other than the inside of a hotel room.

42.Ross is a bit of a cook too, except the only things he can prepare are breakfast foods and Mexican dishes.

43.In addition to being a stage star, Ross is dynamite on the baseball field (with the group!) and also when it comes to soccer and water-skiing.

44.Ross is extremely conscious of environmental issues and all things that affect people's living conditions. His personal goal is to have a completely self-sufficient home to live in.

45.Learning to be independent was one of the hardest things Ross ever had to do.

46.He regrets not having continued taking piano lessons. His advice to you? Practice!

47.Ross loves spending an evening at the theatre or seeing a movie, but he also enjoys a quiet moonlight drive for the purpose of star gazing!

48.Ross sometimes dreams of being back in a classroom with no clothes on - and just the thought of it embarrasses him.

49.He loves the understated humor of comedians Martin Mull and Pat Paulson.

50.He adores avocados!

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