What is it that made Journey--a rock group which has been around for a long time--suddenly rise to the number one position?  A lot of Journey fans feel that Steve Perry is the reason the band is so popular, and it's not just because of his good looks, either.  Some fans feel that Steve's voice is the greatest around, and that's what has made Journey so popular.

But there is one catch!  While Steve's singing all those great songs, someone has to be writing them!  While Journey's always written good songs, lately their songs have become even better.  The reason?  It could be that Jonathan Cain joined the group and has become a major writing force for the band!

"Adding someone new to a band always changes its music," the guys agree.  And while their songs didn't change drastically, Jon has added a touch of sentiment to the band's already great rock 'n' roll sound.  And his songs are just the perfect match for Steve's voice!  Jon isn't the only member of the group who writes--actually, all the guys join in together when the time comes to pen a few tunes, but as Jon says, "From the minute I joined Journey, they were open to my suggestions and input where writing was concerned."

** JON had his piano specially designed for taking on the road--that means he's got to have it tuned up before each performance, and it's got to be able to take plenty of hard knocks! **

Journey has become the hottest rock group around, and it's all been a group effort.  Where other groups stick to the same style album after album, Journey tries to add new and exciting freshness to their already established, unique sound!  And while some singers sound the same song after song, Steve has a definite talent that gives each tune a sound of its own.

** USUALLY his style is to travel up and own the stage, but once in awhile, Steve enjoys a turn at Jonathan's piano! **

How long can Journey stay on top?  It all depends on their new material and how much you like it!  They've been in the recording studio for the past three months writing and laying down new tracks for their next album, and word has it it's their best effort yet!  (But then, you'll have to be the judge of that!)

No, Journey's not new to the rock world, but with their great music and their great fans, Journey has risen to the very top!  You can help them stay right there, too, by calling your radio station and requesting their songs and by writing to them here at TIGER BEAT!

© Tiger Beat, 1981; Supplied and Transcribed by Grace H.
Journey's Rise To The Top!
Is It All Because Of Steve Perry?

How did this group of San Francisco guys make it to the top of your rock 'n' roll list?  It wasn't just by chance!

Tiger Beat, 1981

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