Steve Perry Radio Interview

Star 94, Atlanta  Morning Show w/Steve McCoy and Vicky Lock

March 1999
Steve M: It's Steve Perry

Steve P: Hey.

Steve M: It's Steve and Vicky here in Atlanta

Vicky: Hey, You sexy thing how are you doing?

Steve P: Good, I been doing good, I have been feeling better every day.

Steve M: Really,

Steve P: Yeah

Steve M: Yeah I know there's been a little back thing going on, and we were thinkin' about you, How you doing?

Steve P: I'm doing better, I had some surgery, it wasn't a little back thing though, but it was similar. But uh three months on the other side and I'm feeling a whole bunch better.

Steve M: Good

Vicky: And Greatest Hits about to hit the shelves.

Steve P: Yeah it's out right now. Uh, it's Steve Perry's Greatest Hits Plus 5 Unreleased, actually there are about 9 unreleased things on there actually

Steve M: ok

Steve P: Yeah

Steve M: So how far do some of these unreleased titles go back?

Steve P: You know what they really are is an album that never came out called "Against The Wall" that was to be my second solo record, and it was to follow Street Talk which had 'Oh Sherrie', and it never got released because I completed it and then Journey was knocking on the door and it was time to do another record, go on tour, so I put it on the shelf. Cause I was really, my priority was, I was a singer in Journey. My solo projects were for some creative release, and um, went back to Journey did the Raised On Radio record, did the Raised on Radio tour, and then I came back and then made another record and released. "For The Love Of Strange Medicine" and so that one sat on the shelf, so now that album was basicaly, is most of the unreleased stuff, plus some demos that have never been heard before.

Steve M: Oh ok, alright, ya know what I think about Steve Perry when ever I hear you wether it be live or on cd, I mean every song you do you're just pouring your heart and soul into it and I always wonder if you're doing that conciously or if that's just the style we have come to know from Steve Perry.

Steve P: Ya know, as I go on and I write songs and with people every song creates it own unique demand, Ya know what I mean, and every one of em uh they require a certain amount of believability and I will not stop until I feel like I believe what I am saying.

Steve M: Yeah

Steve P: And I'll sing it and I'll pick up on things, and I'll sing untill I feel like I believe what I said, ya know and uh I, maybe that's what you are hearing. I won't stop until I am comfortable letting it go.

Vicky: And for you personally, what do you think is your greatest hit?

Steve P: Boy uh, of the solo greatest hits which I have, I don't know 'Oh Sherrie' is one of my favorites.I think that uh, 'Against The Wall' is one of the most power house unreleased tracks, and a song called 'Melody' is a beautifull song also unreleased on there. As far as Journey goes, I think one of my favorite songs I think would be 'Send Her My Love'.

Steve M: Yeah

Vicky: Any reconciliation with Journey any time soon?

Steve P: Um, as you know they've got a new singer, and uh, I am kinda takin care of my life and they are theirs and I think that we've tried the reunion thing.

Steve M: Yeah

Steve P: and that kinda went its separate ways

Vicky: Because we remember a rumor about Journey being in a studio in Dallas getting ready for a tour or something.

Steve P: Yeah we did the Trial By Fire record which had the single 'When You Love A Woman'

Steve M: ok

Steve P: And uh, that was what was to be the tour cd that we were going to go out on, and then during a hike I between the end of the album and the starting of the rehearsals I had a problem that arose that was really bad as I was coming down the mountain, and um, that started a whole series of doctors, and ya know surgery is not a group decision. other wise I'll buy and lets all go do it.

Steve M: Right

Steve P: Alright

Steve M: So was that a skiing accident?

Steve P: No it was just a hiking thing, sort of a genetic hip problem that I didn't even know that I had until it showed itself.

Steve M: Wow

Steve P: It's a very strange thing and then I had to have some reconstruciton done

Steve M: Yeah

Vicky: Well were glad your ok.

Steve P: I'm doing better, thank you.

Vicky: Now don't laugh at me but I would love, absolutely love to hear you do a duet with Celine Dion. .

Steve P: Aw she's unbelievable, I don't know if I can do that, ya know,Yeah, She's just to scary.

Vicky: She's another singer who just has so much emotion

Steve P: Yeah she's just almost decathlon olympic, her voice ya know is just soooo

Steve M: Ya know, it's kinda funny I don't know if you watched the Grammy's the other night but

Steve P: Yeah I did

Steve M: Well Ok, When James Horner talked about that song from Titanic

Steve P: Right

Steve M: And he actually using the vocals, from the demo, and you just talked about that the demo, I mean how unsual was that for them to take the vocals off the demo like that.

Steve P: Right, well ya know that happens from time to time, when you first write a song, and you're in the moment with that song and you have a piece of tape sitting there, and now you're going to try the lyrics that you just finished and sing it for the first time, when you sing something for the first time, usually you can't beat that moment, the first time that canvas kicks that brush accross it. ya know, and

Steve M: Uh-huh

Steve P: And lucky for her and lucky for me 'When You're In Love For The First Time', on my solo greatest hits. Uh 'Melody', Uh there are a few of them on there those are demo performance just like Celine's was on the Titanic song. Meaning it was the first time you sang them, you left them alone, you come back later you say gosh that doesn't need to be sung again. That 's great. So it can happen just like that.

Vicky: So James Horner's saying that I don't think she can do any better than that?

Steve P: Well, it is probably that she can do better, or, or differently, but there was probably some emotion in it, that you get that you feel a difinative to what you are trying to say.

Steve M: Um huh

Steve P: And that the song is diffinitive and if it's not broke don't fix it.

Steve M: Um huh, right. Let me ask you this in all the years you been rockin, touring, and in the studio's and all that now

Steve P: Right

Steve M: are there more positives or negatives to doing this for a living?

Steve P: Oh God, that is a tough question, You have done your homework here.

Steve M: (laughs), Yeah

Steve P: Well, I think the first thing that comes to mind is, a lyric in a Dan Fogelbird song that I heard years ago, that is called 'Olde Lang Zyne'. He says the travelling, the audiences were heavenly, the travelling was hell.

Steve M: yeah

Steve P: and I think that sorta depicts the whole thing, it really is true then when you perform, and you're in front of the people, just your life stand still and you're in this sort of moment that just feels timeless, and where nothing is touchable to you, and then when you get in your hotel, or get up and get in the bus, or on the plane to travel, the travelling is just hell. So I think you put up with all the travel'ing just for those moments in front of everybody.

Steve M: uh huh

Steve P: it is just so magical.

Steve M: It is a big trade off then

Steve P: Yeah a big trade off, but I think that the audiences win, because it is just so heavenly.

Vicky: Well Steve Perry it is always great to talk to you

Steve P: Yeah

Vicky: If you come in this way, we hope you stop by.

Steve P: I would love to do that.

Steve M: Thanks man

Steve P: Thank you very much

Steve M: Good talking to you again

Steve P: Ok, bye bye

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