As lead singers, they're up at bat and all alone.  The opportunity for a home run is always there - should they go for it?  You bet they should - and they have!  For although Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung are still a vital part of their respective band families, Journey and Styx, they've recently tried their hand at solo albums that are guaranteed to be winners!

Dennis' Triple Play

Life has been full of activity for Dennis lately.  Styx' double-live album Caught in the Act was released recently - and since Styx' past five LPs have gone platinum, this one is sure to be a hit, too.  But that's not all of course - for you can expect to hear Dennis' solo album any day now, too.  Although things are fine on the Styx front, the singer-keyboardist felt he needed a creative outlet of his own.  As you know, Dennis has been one of the artistic powerhouses behind Styx - from Kilroy Was Here inception to author of about one-third of all Styx songs.  This LP is just one more way for Dennis to express himself - and blow off a little creative steam.

Steve's All-Around Success

When Steve says he's going to do a solo effort-he means it!  He not only co-wrote every song on his Street Talk album, he also produced and sang the lead and background vocals on all the soulful tunes.  You may've heard the single, "Oh, Sherrie" already - it's all about two people who don't always get along, but still love each other and it's loosely based on Steve's real-life relationship with his very own Sherrie.  Steve should have completed a video for this up-tempo love song by now, too.

Since this rocker grew up in a musical family (his dad was a big band singer), he's always been obsessed with music.  This fascination inspired Steve to see what he could accomplish on his own and though he's pleased as punch with his solo effort, he has no immediate plans of leaving his post as Journey's lead singer.

Together Again

When Steve and Dennis get back in the recording studio with their bands, you can bet they'll all be the better from their solo experiences.  Not only will they be filled with excitement from their individual projects, they'll also have some new ideas and techniques to bring back to their home teams!

Something For You, Too!

Since you've been such a supportive Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung fan, 16 is giving away 16 each of Steve's Street Talk and 16 of Dennis' solo LPs!  All you have to do is fill out the coupon below and mail it to 16.  The 32 winners will be chosen at random and announced in the October issue of 16 on sale August 14!

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16 Magazine,
July 1984

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