Journey's Steve Perry co-wrote every song on his solo album; he produced it, did all the lead and background vocals and is determined that since now he's made his own shoes, he's going to wear them - whether anyone else approves or not.  It's no wonder then that the musician who's the heart, soul, and backbone of this soulful sidewalk-oriented sound (and who, in the bargain, considers himself a true street kid), named his first non-Journey effort Street Talk.  It's Steve's voice singing out, announcing his own special emotions.  "A lot of (the songs) come from life, anywhere you are; it's personal.  That's what this is all about," says he.  Steve's got lots of strong feelings about Street Talk, so listen in as he talks about his "baby"!

Song By Song With Steve:

"Oh Sherrie":  (Based on his relationship with his special friend.) "It's about how love holds on though two people may not get along.  There are ups, downs and conflicts, but there's hope too and reasons why you go through it."

"Running Alone":  "Sometimes the fear involved when you decide to move or do something else will keep you places you don't want to be.  You have to decide that you're not afraid to lose - of running alone - then you can go ahead, go anywhere and do anything."

"Foolish Heart": "It touches upon the conflict between head and heart decisions; whether to fall in love or not.  Ultimately, the heart always wins."

"Go Away": about a guy who inadvertently runs into an old flame.  She's a short-term user type and her was one of her usees.  Now she wants to rekindle the relationship, but he has no desire because he's in love with someone else now."

"You Should Be Happy":  "This is based on the situation of a possibility - a what if?  What if a guy comes home from work and finds his wife's not there, then discovers her clothes and suitcase are missing?  I thought he would start to get a bit paranoid and hear voices in the dead of the night."

Steve's Thank You Notes:

Steve felt he owed this solo album to himself; to be able to see his own input, something that's not always easy to do as part of a mega-group, and to give some of his ideas a chance.  "If no one else likes it, it's alright, because I am what I am," he says - and what he is, is a very thoughtful guy:  Steve included a long column of thank yous to friends and associates on the album's inner sleeve.  Here's what they're all about courtesy of Steve!

Vavou and Rose - Vavou is Portuguese for grandfather.  These are Steve's grandparents.

Toshka and Tonja - they're Steve's cats!

Larrie "Do You Wanna See My Socks" Londin (drummer) - an inside joke that can't be repeated!

Bill "We'll Fix It In The Video" Cuomo (keyboardist) - he'd always say, "Don't worry about the mistakes, we'll fix it up later!"

Niko "Good Things Won't Hurt You" Bolas (engineer) - his dad used to tell him that when he was growing up.

Achilles For His Food and Jokes - he has an L.A. restaurant and would constantly supply food and tell Steve jokes.

The Sullies of Lemoore - Steve's old high school band.

Street Talk, in its entirety, though is dedicated to Richard Michaels (the bassist from Steve's first group, Alien Project, who died in a car accident) and Steve Potter (a musician who played in the same high school band with Steve and also died in a car accident).

These thank you notes, much in the same way as his musical ones, cover emotions that range from happiness to sadness - are both very personal statements from a dedicated musician.  Oh, there's just one final note - and that's a private little message from Steve to you.

Handwritten note from Steve:
Don't be afraid to run alone
Street Talk
Steve Perry

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August 1984

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