Energetic, dynamic, and melodic, Journey is now the top powerhouse rock group around.  Not only are their lyrics true and meaningful to people of all ages, but their rhythm and beat rock the hearts and souls of teens across the nation, and the world.  And with the release of their new album Frontiers, Lead vocalist Steve Perry has expanded his voice to new heights and depths, progressing with the rest of the group's movement towards a more inner, danceable sound that can't help but make your hips wiggle and your hands clap.

Following the tradition of the release of their other albums Infinity and Escape, the group began a major coast-to-coast tour in March to bring their faces and their music closer to their fans.  Performing live is one of the most important elements of the music world to the members of this awesome group.  For them, it's a chance to get direct contact and feedback from you, the people they write their music for.  During this tour they will be playing songs mostly from their new album - which strays away from their previous ballads, and tends to go into relationships between human beings, as well as introducing an aspect of social awareness of this nation and its diverse and exciting people.  Combining this with their optimistic attitude (reflected in songs like "Don't Stop Believin'"), Frontiers will blow you away with the excitement and energy of songs like "Chain Reaction" and "Faithfully".

When Steve Perry (lead vocals), Jonathan Cain (keyboards), Ross Valory (bass), Neal Schon (guitar), and Steve Smith (drums) aren't touring or making new hits, they're making videos.  Right now they have several videos on the air.  Again, videos are another form of contact with you, their listeners and followers.  The videos themselves not only combine Journey's explosive music and entertaining stage performance, but they also allow the group to break out from the conformity of being rock stars.  On videotape, they get to experiment with visual illusions and images.

The videos show all the members of the group either banging away on their instruments with life and fire, or boogieing on down (and up!) to their top hits.  The videos give the group a chance to enjoy themselves and their music, and they give you a chance to actually see them, if you can't see them in concert.  And who in their right mind would pass up the opportunity to watch this gorgeous group?

© Teen Beat Video Stars, Fall 83; Supplied and transcribed by Grace H.

On Tour And In The Video Studio With Five Fabulous Performers!

Teen Beat Video Stars Fall 83

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